Average salary in major Chinese cities is $900 and growing

By Wu Yan(chinadaily,com.cn)
Updated: 2016-01-21 15:23:36


A job seeker looks through employment information at a job fair held for fresh graduates in Liaocheng city, East China's Shandong province, March 14, 2015. [Photo/Xinhua]

The average salary among 32 major cities in China stands at 6,070 yuan ($922.64) for job vacancies posted online for the winter of 2015, with Beijing topping the list at 9,227 yuan, followed by Shanghai (8,664 yuan) and Shenzhen (7,728 yuan), thepaper.cn reported according to online data released by zhaopin.com, a leading job hunting website.

Hangzhou salary surpasses that of Guangzhou

The average salary of second-tier city Hangzhou (7,097 yuan) ranks fourth, surpassing that of Guangzhou (6,913 yuan), which is usually classified as a first-tier city. The result showed that Guangzhou did not catch up with the development pace of the other three first-tier cities, which took the top three spots.

In terms of regional trends, well-developed eastern coastal cities like Suzhou, Ningbo and Nanjing and rising southwestern cities like Chengdu and Chongqing entered the top ten in the salary rank list.

In comparison, the salaries of northeastern cities like Harbin, Changchun and Shenyang rank at the bottom, which revealed these old industrial bases experienced hard times throughout the economic transformation.

Private employees earn most, with foreign companies ranking third

Consulting or professional service industries, including accounting, law and human resources, topped the ranks with an average salary of 10,634 yuan, with the investment industry ranking second (9,204 yuan) and intermediary agent industry third (8,658 yuan).

With the fast development of the private economy, private enterprises give the most competitive salary of 7,322 yuan. The salary of wholly foreign-owned enterprises ranks third at 6,400 yuan after joint venture companies at 7,134 yuan. The fall of the wholly foreign-owned enterprises reflects their uneven development in China in recent years.

Li Jiahao shows his job offer at his home in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province, Dec 13, 2015. [Photo/CFP]

60 percent of Chinese employers plan to raise salaries by more than 6 percent

According to another report The 2016 Hays Asia Salary Guide, 44 percent of Chinese employers plan to raise salaries by 6 to 10 percent while 15 percent plan to raise them more than 10 percent in 2016, a rise leading other countries in Asia. Hays is a world leading recruiting company.

Some 63 percent of Asian employers plan to hand out bonuses to employees. As to factors that influence bonuses, 95 percent of employers consider company performance, 92 percent pay attention to individual performance and 37 percent value team performance.

For the amount of bonus, 33 percent of Asian employers expect it to be no larger than 10 percent of a employee's salary, 44 percent of employers anticipate it to be between 11 to 50 percent, 13 percent between 51 to 99 percent and 10 percent say it could be as high as 100 percent.

The report also showed that 84 percent of Asian employers provide other benefits for their employees other than salary and bonus. These benefits cover areas like health/medical treatment which is provided by 78 percent of employers, life insurance by 42 percent of employers and travel allowance and pension by 33 percent of employers.

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