Sharing their wealth: Chinese celebrities and charity

Updated: 2016-02-01 10:07:09

A ranking list of Chinese celebrities doing charity work in the past year. [Photo/China Philanthropist magazine]

Chinese celebrities, with their overwhelming influence, fame and money, are becoming important pillars in the field of charity. Aside from doing a charity relay at the annual Bazaar Charity Night, many of them are contributing to society in their own way.

Last Friday, China Philanthropist magazine issued a ranking list, in which Chinese celebrities, including film stars, artists, athletes, TV anchors and writers were evaluated for the charity work they have done in the past year. Their work was assessed based on how they contributed: donation (10 percent), fund raising (15 percent), charity activities (40 percent) and charity influence (35 percent).

The fact that the report gave more credit to charity activities and charity influences other than the traditional donation alone in ranking shows that personal involvement in charity work seems more important – as it results in a certain social morality that encourages charity on the whole.

According to the list, the top 10 celebrities in charity work are: Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy couple (83), Jackie Chan (81), Fan Bingbing (80), Cui Yongyuan (79), Zhao Wei (78), Yang Lan (78), Han Hong (77), Yao Ming (75), Wang Han (72), Yuan Li (71), and Jiang Yiyan (71, parallel to Yuan Li). Now, let's look at what celebrities at top 10 of the list have done to pass their kindness on to society.

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy. [File photo]

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy 

Chinese actor and a shareholder of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, Huang Xiaoming donated more than 10 million yuan ($1.52 million), including 2 million yuan for rescue work following the Tianjin Tanggu chemical explosion in August. Aside from the donation, Huang sponsored 527 children for their living expenses as a wedding gift for his wife, Angelababy, in October. In the last two years, Huang has donated to 30 schools nationwide.

Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation poster. [File photo]

Jackie Chan

Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan donated 3 million yuan to relatives of the firemen killed during the Tianjin chemical explosion in August. Chan also donated his birthday gift from his fans – over 1 million yuan – to charity. Chan founded his charity organization, the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, in 2008.

Poster for Heart Ali, a charitable foundation co-founded by Fan Bingbing. [File photo]

Fan Bingbing

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing donated 1 million yuan to the relatives of the firemen killed during the Tianjin chemical explosion in August. Fan has been doing her own charitable project, Heart Ali, to help cure children with congenital heart diseases in the Ali district in Tibet autonomous region. The project was initiated in 2010, and every year, Fan will go to Tibet herself and bring children in need of surgery to Beijing or Shanghai for operations.

Cui Yongyuan is recording a song for charity. [File photo]

Cui Yongyuan

Chinese TV anchor Cui Yongyuan donated his 200 million yuan he earns for being a product spokesman to the public fundraising foundation, the Beijing Shuiyuan Public Foundation, in 2014. The foundation is the only one in China that's dedicated to preserving oral history. He himself founded the Beijing Yongyuan Foundation with the Beijing Red Cross in 2007, training village teachers and protecting intangible cultural heritage.

Zhao Wei speaks at the V Love Leucocythemia Foundation launching ceremony. [File photo]

Zhao Wei

Chinese actress Zhao Wei donated 1 million yuan to the V Love Leucocythemia Foundation in Feb 2015. The foundation is set up to help children ages 3-14 diagnosed with leukemia to receive transplants.

Yang Lan is donating blood. [File photo]

Yang Lan

Yang Lan is a famous Chinese anchorwoman. As the goodwill ambassador for China Charity Federation, Yang also started her own foundation, Yang Lan's Sun Culture Foundation, to help promote exchanges of charity activities between China and western countries. Since 2007, Yang Lan's Sun Culture Foundation has helped train 500 people specializing in non-profit organization work. Yang has donated 300,000 yuan from the proceeds of her first book to charity.

Han Hong has been paying visits to remote villages to bring medical assistance to local hospitals. [File photo]

Han Hong

Han Hong is a Chinese singer. Han donated 500,000 yuan to Tianjin Tanggu rescue work. She founded the Hanghong Love Charity Foundation in 2011. During the past four years, the foundation has paid a visit to a city each year to give medical assistance to local hospitals. In 2015, the foundation went to Cenggong county in Southwest China's Guizhou province to help train doctors and cure 500 cataract patients. It also donated 30 sport utility vehicles for medical emergencies.

Yao Ming speaks at the 2015 Yao Foundation Charity Game launching ceremony. [File photo]

Yao Ming

Yao Ming has been doing charity work since he played in the NBA. He has been paying keen attention to AIDS prevention and research for a cure in China. In 2015, he initiated the Yao Foundation Charity Game. All ticket proceeds were donated for building basketball courts at Hope Primary Schools in China.

Wang Han is dedicated to the inheritance of traditional culture. [File photo]

Wang Han

Wang Han is a TV anchor from Central China's Hunan province. He has been devoted to the protection of cultural relics and inheritance of traditional culture in Hunan. In 2015, he initiated the "Respond" project, and his team has visited all dialect experts in Hunan. His research aims to find a way to protect and preserve local dialects. So far, he has given 4.56 million yuan to this project.

Yuan Li speaks at Da'ai Qingchen program. [File photo]

Yuan Li

Yuan Li is a Chinese actress. She has been participating in the Da'ai Qingchen charity project for some time. The project was initiated by Chinese journalist Wang Keqin and is devoted to help cure farmers and workers who get pneumoconiosis. In 2015, Yuan donated 100 oxygen machines to help those patients breathe

Jiang Yiyan with children from Xiaoga village. [File photo]

Jiang Yiyan

Jiang Yiyan is a Chinese actress and photographer. She is also known as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Children's Fund. Jiang has volunteered as a teacher for seven years in Xiaoga village in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. With her help, the village now has its own kitchen and radio station. The number of students has increased and obtaining their daily necessities is not a problem anymore. Jiang also opened a charity store online to sell goods donated from her friends. The money is used to help kids in the village.

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