Mining the modern value of Long March spirit

Updated: 2016-12-08 15:52:53

Tian Jing, the first person to retrace the entire 65,000-mile-journey of the Long March, shared his spiritual journey at the seminar on Dec 4. [Photo provided to]

In the depths of winter chill, August First Film Studio Auditorium was heated by the lively atmosphere of a viewing seminar. Sponsored by the Wetland media think tank, the seminar on the movie Triumphantly Join Forces was held on Dec 4. Studio executives, movie creators, experts, scholars, film critics and media professionals discussed the movie’s social and historical significance and artistic value. They praised the guidance and spiritual support adapted from the Long March stories to the present reality.

Through introducing the legendary historical epic, Triumphantly Join Forces shows the glorious history of the First Front Army, Second Front Army and Fourth Front Army during the Long March.

The list of actors is impressive. Wang Hui stars as Mao Zedong, Hou Xiangling plays Zhou Enlai, Tao Xianfeng plays Zhu De, Li Hongrui plays Zhang Guotao, Hou Yong plays He Long, Ren Mingsheng plays Xu Xiangqian and Tuo Yiran plays Zhang Wentian.

The movie Triumphantly Join Forces is co-produced by August First Film Studio, Baiyin City municipal party committee and municipal government, Lanzhou Film Studio, Gansu Three Army Join Forces Film and Television Culture Development, and TV Culture Media Company. Li Yi, former vice president of Baiyin City Political Consultative Conference, is the movie planner and producer.

According to Wu Gang, deputy editor-in-chief of Chinese Radio Network and visiting scholar at Harvard University, the historical and cultural value of this movie can be summarized as "combining multiple elements of history including personal history, family history, history of the Chinese people's spiritual belief, culture and regional history, history of the party, military history, history of nationality, history of national unity, the history of world war and peace, and the history of human destiny".

Wang Jie, a professor at Party School of the CPC Central Committee, points out that the movie not only records the history of Long March, but also reminds us that we should not forget its spirit, which motivated us to fight through difficulties to push forward.

Talents of the movie Triumphantly Join Forces take a group photo on Dec 4. [Photo provided to]

Li Yi, former vice president of Baiyin City Political Consultative Conference and the producer of Triumphantly Join Forces, had the idea of taking the story to the screen as early as 20 years ago.

Li Yi grew up at Huining. In order to promote economic development in Huining, the film was used to drive the tourism industry.

However, the team encountered many difficulties, especially financial difficulties, during filming. That required the team to cover this arduous road with Long March spirit and Red Army spirit.

The red offspring, students of Party School of the CPC Central Committee, Peking University and Tsinghua University, army officers and soldiers had positive responses to the movie.

During a review of the spiritual journey of making the film, director An Lan said that all the crew faced the great feat of predecessors and heroes with awe and respects.

Screenwriter Lei Xianhe said that the movie displays the magnificent scenes using two main story lines including stories of leading characters and stories of ordinary soldiers. It chooses to use creative depiction methods that were seldom adopted in the past.

Film critic Liu Deming pointed out that the viewing experience of this movie is different from that of other mainstream movies because of its modern elements.

Zhang Hongsheng, praised the moving stories of sacrifice, separation and reunions and the love between four brothers and sisters. He also pointed out that the expression and narration could be in a more international way.

Yang Wenhua, a graduate student at Peking University, said that the stories were well-rounded and the movie was very contemporary, that may be shocking at time, but also brings us the enjoyment of arts.

Gao Wei, a Ph.D at Tsinghua University and researcher at the Center for China and Globalization, shares his feeling after watching the movie at the seminar on Dec 4. [Photo provided to]

Chen Duan, an associate professor at Central University of Finance and Economics, pointed out that social media can help spread the film, as a public art form. Getting picked up in social media circles is extremely important to modern films’ marketing and promotions.

Zhang Kan, a famous producer, said the movie presented stories of love, hate and personal growth. He also talked about the potential of red-themed movies to attract young audiences.

Xue Yuan, head of the Global Chinese Film Industry, raised questions about how production of red movies can advance with the times and whether they can be presented by the most up-to-date and coherent expression forms.

Li Rongfeng, executive editor at People's Political Consultative Conference News, discussed his views on the Chinese spirit including Long March spirit as a media professional.

Tian Jing, the first person to retrace the entire 65,000-mile-journey of the Long March, shared his spiritual journey. He reaffirmed the importance and significance of modern research and spiritual mining of Long March.

Zhang Xue, a journalist at the cultural industry channel CEINET, talked about her optimism that mainstream movies would create a confident culture.

Gao Wei, a researcher at the Center for China and Globalization, summarized that the movie shows many details of the Long March and moving characterizations of how grassroots level people perceive and accept this period in the great tide of history, filling in the blanks of Long March movies.

Triumphantly Join Forces also depicts the fusion of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Chinese Communist Marxism-Leninism beliefs.

It is an unprecedented movie which can show the world where the Communist Party of China came from and where it will go in the future. It offers the world a chance to understand China’s past as well as China’s future.

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